Accepted to CMU? Congratulations! We normally host Summer Contact events in Singapore, where new students get to meet existing students.

Want to talk to an existing student? Currently, the best way is to ask in our Telegram chat, or make a post in the CMU SSA Facebook group, where we have undergrads, master’s, PhD students, postdocs, working adults and families, and even a couple of Pitt students.



UPDATED! FAQs Page – Last updated Jul 27, 2022 (Information about US customs) 

Driving in Pennsylvania Guide – Last updated Jul 24, 2012

UPDATED! Pittsburgh Survival Guide (Packing, Shopping and To-Do List) – Last updated Jul 27, 2022 (Information about US customs)

Summer Contact 2022 Resources – Added Jul 26, 2022

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Added Jul 26, 2022



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