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Welcome Fall 2016 Freshmen!

Congratulations and welcome to CMU! 😀

We’ll be having Summer Contact 1 on Sunday, June 26 so be sure to check out the CMU Class of 2020 Facebook group for the full details and questions! Feel free to invite fellow freshies into the group. Graduate students are welcomed to join too.

Enjoy the rest of summer and we’re excited to meet y’all!


To Incoming Freshies (Fall 2015)

Congratulations on getting into CMU!

Stay tuned for announcements regarding upcoming summer contacts! There will be two contacts, one in June and one in August. These will most likely happen on Saturdays.

Also, we have a Facebook group created just for you. Ask questions and get updates there! Also please invite fellow freshies you know are coming to CMU but who aren’t in the group yet.

Welcome to Our New Website: Now hosted on WordPress!

Hi all 🙂

We are currently transitioning to a wordpress-based website that will probably better serve our needs. Access to the old website has been disabled, but we are working to restore old content (precious memories!) Also, access to the website may be intermittent and problematic – but we seek your understanding. Apologies for the inconvenience caused!

In the mean time… welcome to Spring Semester 2015!

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